About the Program

The UNE Marine Affairs – Maine Law 3+3 Pathways Program allows you complete your undergraduate and law degrees in a total of six years.

As a qualified UNE undergraduate, this track enables you to obtain the J.D. degree by substituting the courses taken during the first year of law school for the final year of the Marine Affairs degree. This joint program will allow you to eliminate one academic year of undergraduate education, save one year's worth of UNE tuition, and enter your chosen profession one year early.

Undergraduate Program Requirements

In order to be eligible for graduation from UNE under this joint program, you must:

  • Meet with the Marine Affairs academic advisor during your second year and continue to meet with this advisor every semester of the program.
  • Submit the application for the Marine Affairs – Maine Law 3+3 Law Pathways Program by June 1 of your second year
    • The application form is available online and from the Marine Affairs academic advisor. Acceptance into the program requires a 3.5 G.P.A. in the Marine Affairs major and a letter of support from a faculty member.
  • Successfully complete all required courses of the B.A. in Marine Affairs at the University of New England (except for general elective requirements) by the end of your junior year. A sample pathway through the Marine Affairs major is available from the Marine Affairs academic advisor.
  • Maintain an undergraduate G.P.A. of 3.5.
  • Be accepted into and attend the University of Maine Law School directly after your junior year
  • Earn a grade of C- or better in all courses of the 1L curriculum (please refer to the Maine Law website to find the 1L curriculum).
  • Transfer the courses back to the University of New England

Acceptance into the Marine Affairs – Maine Law 3+3 Law Pathways Program does not guarantee acceptance into the University of Maine Law School.

Marine Affairs Curriculum

CAS Core Requirements* Credits
Total 42-26

*Must take MAR 105/105L as Lab Science Course and MAT 150 or MAT 170 as Math Course

Program Requirements Credits
MAR 105/105L - Introduction to Ecology/Evolution of Marine Organisms Credits included in Core
MAR 106/106L - Introduction to Cellular/Molecular of Marine Organisms 4
MAR 150/150L - Discovering the Ocean Environment or MAR 270/270L - Oceanography 4
MAR 250/250L - Marine Biology or MAR 350/350L - Marine Ecology 4
MAR 316 - Science in Society 3
MAF 200 - Introduction to Marine Pollution 3
MAF 210 - Introduction to U.S. Ocean Governance 3
MAF 310 - Ocean and Coastal Law 3
MAF 320 - Internship 3–12
MAF 400 - Marine Affairs Capstone 3
Total Required Credits 30
Program Required Cognate Courses Credits
CHE 110/110L - General Chemistry I or CHE 130/130L Principles of Chemistry 4
PSC 125 - Understanding Law or PSC 210 Constitutional Law 3
MAT 150 - Statistics for Life Sciences or MAT 170 Applications of Functions Credits included in Core
GIS 161 - Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems 3
BUEC 390 - Environmental Economics or BUEC 395 Ecological Economics 3
Total Required Credits 13
Communication and Outreach Group (1 course) Credits
SPC 100 - Effective Public Speaking 3
CMM 210 - Understanding Media 3
CMM 240 - Social Media: Theory and Practice 3
CMM 305 - Public Relations in the Digital Age 3
ENV 321 - Environmental Communications 3
EDU 202 - Curriculum Theory and Design 3
WRT 233 - Professional and Technical Writing 3
WRT 317 - Proposal and Grant Writing 3
Total Required Credits 3
Organization Management Group (1 course) Credits
BUMG 301 - Organizational Behavior 3
BUMG 303 - Management of Non-profit Organizations 3
BUMG 311 - Business and Society Relations 3
BUMK 200 - Marketing 3
BUMK 310 - Advertising 3
ORM 335 - Outdoor Recreation Planning and Policy 3
SOC 226 - Environmental Sociology 3
Total Required Credits 3
Open Electives Credits
Variable As needed to reach 120 credits

Graduation Requirements

A 2.00 cumulative average in sciences is a requirement for graduation in any of the programs in the School of Marine and Environmental Programs.

Program Completion Timeline

Students have a maximum of seven years to complete the graduation requirements

Students in this major can participate in the pre-health graduate school preparation tracks.