UNE Logos

The University of New England’s Office of Communications strives to ensure consistent representation of UNE’s brand. UNE’s visual identity and logos are cornerstones of our brand. It is essential that we all represent the University consistently at all times. When using the logo, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is represented accurately, consistently, and appropriately.

The Brand Identity Manual offers a set of guidelines for consistent design, feel, and messaging all UNE communications materials. All University communications must adhere to the guidelines detailed in the manual. Please consult our FAQ for more information on logo usage.

Digital Asset Manager (Canto)

The UNE Communications Office maintains a robust photo library of high-quality, UNE-approved photos on Canto, our digital asset management platform. Additionally, with Canto, you can find other resources including UNE logos, PowerPoint templates, and letterhead.

New users will need to request access when visiting Canto for the first time. You should receive a response shortly when requesting access during regular business hours. If you are having difficulty accessing or navigating Canto, please contact our Office Manager, Hilary Babbitt, at hbabbitt@une.edu for assistance. Canto access is reserved for staff and faculty, but students may reach out to the office directly for specific resource requests.

Ordering Stationery (MPX)

Stationery ordering can be done through our trusted vendor, MPX. The MPX storefront offers generic options and customizable templates of UNE branded materials including Business Cards, Envelopes, Letterhead, Notecards, Notepads, Pocket Folder and more. If you have any questions, please contact Marine Miller.