Frequently Asked Questions for Professional Staff and Faculty

Are the brand identity guidelines optional?
No. The brand identity guidelines were created to ensure consistency across all University communications. By following the instructions in the Brand Identity Manual, you will properly align your project with UNE’s identity.

May I use the UNE logo without the tagline?
No. The UNE logo is composed of three integrated elements: the UNE block, the words “University of New England,” and the tagline “Innovation for a Healthier Planet.” Those three elements are integrated and cannot be separated, except in the case of embroidery.

May I use the UNE block instead of the UNE logo?
The UNE block may only be used only when the print area for the logo is less than 1.25 inches.

Where can I find the UNE logo?
Both vertical and horizontal versions of the UNE logo, as well as the UNE icon are available for download from our digital asset management system, Canto. All versions are available in CMYK (for print), RGB (for web), black, and white. If you need something specific that is not provided, please contact Marine Miller in the Office of Communications and Marketing at

May I use the UNE seal?
No. The University seal is reserved for the most formal expressions of the University’s identity and as a formal insignia on documents of institutional and legal importance, such as diplomas, transcripts, certificates, commencement programs, and flags. Usage of the seal is prohibited without express permission from the President’s Office and/or Office of Communications.

What is the UNE Brand Architecture?
The brand architecture unifies the UNE brand by presenting the UNE logo as an overarching umbrella of identification while creating the framework for each college, school, and department to have its own identity representation. Please note that the UNE logo remains our primary identity and the preferred graphic for external communications. All letterhead, business cards, and stationery will remain the same and will not use this brand architecture. In addition, the centers, institutes, and research grants with existing graphics will continue to use their approved graphics, displayed alongside the UNE logo.

The brand architecture graphics are created exclusively by the Office of Communications and Marketing. If you would like to request a graphic for your department or unit:

Submit A Request

May I create a new logo or a variant of the logo for my department?
No. The purpose of the UNE brand architecture is to enhance the UNE brand by having a consistent visual representation for our colleges, departments, administrative units, centers, and institutes. No new graphic or variations are permitted without specific approval from the Office of Communications and Marketing and the Office of the Provost. To make a request for a graphic, please contact

Where can I find the UNE fonts?
The UNE fonts are Lato, ITC Franklin Gothic, and Goudy Oldstyle. The Office of Communications and Marketing is not responsible for providing typefaces. If the typefaces listed above are not available, please use Arial or Times Roman. Please note: Lato is a Google font available for free download.

What are the UNE colors? May I use other colors?
UNE’s primary color is blue. Using this color is very important in establishing a visual identity and aligning your project with the UNE brand. A secondary palette of accent colors is available with more options to add depth to projects. Accent colors may be used in design layouts, but blue should always be the dominant color.

How do I order business cards and stationery?
To order business cards and stationery please visit

I still have old business cards/letterhead with a version of the UNE logo that omits the tagline. What should I do?
Colleges and units should continue to use their existing materials until they run out. As needs for new materials arise, please use the full logo with the tagline and follow the above guidelines.

Are there UNE photos I can use?
The Office of Communications and Marketing creates and maintains a collection of thousands of photographs related to the University of New England. These images are housed in our digital asset management system, Canto, and are used for our publications, brochures, websites, and social media platforms. UNE faculty and professional staff are permitted to log in, browse, and download these images.

If you would like to request photography services for a project or event, please contact Holly Haywood at with your request. Make sure to provide the date and time of the shoot; the duration of time you need a photographer present; the location; and the date by which you need the finished photographs.

If you are hiring a freelance photographer for a project or event, please follow UNE’s photography and photo release policy.

To submit images to UNE’s digital asset management system, please email

How can I be sure my project reflects UNE’s brand identity?
If you are uncertain whether your project properly adheres to UNE’s brand identity guidelines, please contact, and she will be happy to review it.

Where can I get merchandise (such as hats, mugs, and tee-shirts) with the UNE logo?
UNE’s logos and associated graphics are controlled under a licensing agreement with Learfield Licensing Partners, and only vendors who are registered with Learfield may use them. Here is the list of UNE approved vendors.

May non-UNE organizations use the UNE logo on their materials?
UNE’s logo and graphic materials are reserved for use by UNE. UNE doesn’t grant requests to use the logos on non-UNE materials or websites.

May non-UNE organizations use the UNE logo in the event of a sponsorship?
The UNE logo may be used to visually recognize and promote a sponsorship between an outside entity and a UNE department/unit. The UNE logo is a visual representation of the UNE brand. The UNE department/unit that has entered into the sponsorship agreement is responsible for ensuring that the UNE logo is used appropriately.

Should I use the UNE logo on social media?
All UNE departments and units should request avatar graphics for their social media accounts and follow the guidelines put forth in the Social Media Policy. If you wish to set up a new social media account or have any questions please contact Louise Coburn at

Does UNE have a writing style guide that I should follow when drafting text for web, print, or media publication?
The University maintains a Style Guide that should be consulted when drafting text that you plan to submit to the Office of Communications and Marketing for approval. This includes, but is not limited to, draft text for UNE websites, flyers, brochures, posters, event programs, pamphlets, magazine articles, and press releases. While the Office of Communications and Marketing must approve text before it is printed or submitted to public audiences, your efforts to adhere to the UNE Style Guide in your drafts will expedite the editing process. The UNE Style Guide calls for adherence to Associated Press (AP) style when writing text for news/media purposes, and details other stylistic practices adopted by the University for other written materials. The guide also contains a selection of words, terms, and usages that commonly arise when writing about a university. Questions about the style guide may be directed to Jennie Aranovitch at

Frequently Asked Questions for Student Clubs and Organizations

Can a student club or organization use the UNE name and logo as part of their club or organization name and logo?
UNE clubs and organizations can use the letters “UNE” as part of their club or organization name, but student club and organization logos may not include use of the UNE logo (in full or altered version).

What are the guidelines for Student Clubs, Groups, and Organizations?
When creating a design for your club or organization, please follow the typeface guidelines provided above and in the UNE Brand Identity Manual. In addition, the UNE logo or the UNE Nor’easter curve mark needs to be incorporated somewhere on your products.

I have questions and want to learn more about the UNE brand.
Please contact for questions, to offer feedback on the Brand Identity Manual, or to schedule a meeting.

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