Ellen Beaulieu headshot
VP for Strategy and Communications
Ginn Hall 106

Professional Staff

Hilary Babbitt
Office Manager for Communications
Headshot of Alan Bennett
Communications Specialist
Ginn Hall 106
Lee Cote
Audio Visual Event Videographer
Jack S. Ketchum Library 110
dave dadiego
A/V Event Manager
Proctor Hall 9
Sarah Delage
Director of Public Relations
Ginn Hall 102
april forristall-st michel
Digital Production Editor
Ginn Hall 103
Holly Haywood
University Photographer
Ginn Hall 111
Jessica Kruzel
Digital Designer
Ginn Hall 111
Film Producer/Director
Ginn Hall 109
Josh Pahigian
Adjunct Instructor
McDougall Hall 207
Chris Rose
Public Relations Strategist
Ginn Hall 106
Phil Shelley
Senior Editor and Creative Strategist
Ginn Hall 102
joel soloway
Integrated Content Specialist
Ginn Hall 103

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