Administration and Professional Staff


Headshot of Headshot of
Vice President for Strategy and Communications
Ginn Hall

Professional Staff

Headshot of Hilary Babbitt
Office Manager for Communications
Headshot of Alan Bennett
Public Relations Strategist
Ginn Hall 106
Headshot of Zach Brockhouse
Senior Copywriter and Editor
Headshot of Lee Cote
Audio Visual Event Videographer
Jack S. Ketchum Library 110
Headshot of Dave Dadiego
A/V Event Manager
Proctor Hall 9
Headshot of Sarah Delage
Senior Director of Communications and Public Relations
Ginn Hall 102
Headshot of Sean Fitzpatrick
Senior Director of Marketing
Ginn Hall 111
Headshot of Milo Grammer
Graphic Designer
Ginn Hall 107
Headshot of Holly Haywood
University Photographer
Ginn Hall 111
Headshot of Tulley Hescock
Digital Media Content Specialist
Ginn Hall 105
Headshot of Dan Lambert
Film Producer/Director
Ginn Hall 109
Headshot of Marine Miller
Senior Art Director and Brand Strategist
Ginn Hall 104
Headshot of Josh Pahigian
Director, Center for Global Humanities
Instructor, Global Humanities Seminar Series
Senior Writer, Office of Communications
Ginn Hall
Headshot of Matt Shinberg
Communications Specialist
Ginn 106
Headshot of Joel Soloway
Integrated Content Specialist
Ginn Hall
Headshot of Curry Stover
Social Media Specialist
Ginn Hall 109