UNE Logos and Graphics

Downloading the UNE Logo

If you are a current UNE employee and you need to download our logo, please visit the digital asset manager (DAM) at assets.une.edu. The DAM contains both vertical and horizonal options in white, blue, and black. 

For rules governing logo usage, see the Institutional Brand Identity Manual.

If you are not a UNE employee and you would like to request permission to use our logo, please contact Marine Miller.

UNE Logo vs. Graphic

The University of New England has one logo. Its primary role is to identify the University. It is a strategic tool that establishes brand recognition. It is important that the logo be used in its entirety (with text and tagline) both continuously and consistently. It is not customizable, but the name of a college or department can be added, in any of the UNE approved fonts, as long as it respects the clear space around the logo. (See page 6 of the brand manual for more detail.)

The UNE Athletic Department has its own logo type and variation.

Student groups and organizations can use the UNE Nor’easter curve mark. It is not customizable, but the names of student groups can be added, in any of the UNE approved fonts, as long as it respects a clear space around it. (See page 12 of the brand manual for more detail.) 

Some entities have a graphic representation associated with them. Example include the Center for Global Humanities and the Sulikowski Lab for Shark and Fish Research. These are graphics (not logos) and can only be used concurrently with the UNE logo.

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