The Roles of Pharmacists

Pharmacists are Doctors of Pharmacy — respected members of an integrated health care team. Today’s pharmacist goes beyond the counter, providing an array and depth of services that might surprise you.

  • Within the role that is most familiar to the public — the community pharmacist — Doctors of Pharmacy are providing valuable direct care, from vaccinations to health screenings, to in-depth consultations and community clinics.
  • Pharmacists are medication experts who bring the greatest depth of knowledge on drug-based care to an integrated health care team, and who play leading roles in managing optimal medication plans for patients. This includes watching for negative drug interactions, recommending alternative options for physicians, tracking opiate prescriptions to identify over-prescribing practices, and more.
  • Pharmacists also provide holistic patient care, advising patients on the use of vitamins and nutraceuticals and their effects and interactions with other drugs. UNE Pharm.D.s are trained in holistic approaches to wellness such as nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction and routinely work with patients to make better choices for their health and wellbeing.

The field of pharmacy has expanded to offer a diversity of careers, with Pharm.D.s serving in government, education, clinical care, specialized care, and more. Meet UNE Doctors of Pharmacy below, and explore the varied careers you could enjoy once you earn your Pharm.D.

Career pathways

"I am in a postdoctoral fellowship program, at Genentech in South San Francisco, currently focusing on medical communications. I help develop information that fosters the safe and effective use of oncology products within various landscapes such as quality of care and patient access." Linh, U.S. Medical Affairs
Kayla Stewart, Pharm.D. ’14, works in specialty pharmacy at Apothecary by Design in Portland. "I provide support and education for patients around the U.S. undergoing fertility treatment. It’s truly rewarding to see a patient empowered because she understands her medications."
"My work involves the formulation of compounded medications for pets. The veterinary pharmacy course at UNE helped me understand the disease states and unique pharmacokinetics of animals. I use that knowledge to create safe, effective medications to best serve the needs of our pets." Dylan, Veterinary Pharmacy

Student success stories

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