Summer and Fall 2018


Summer Session I: April 27–May 22

Summer Session II: April 27–July 6

Full Summer Session: April 27–May 22

Fall: August 14–September 5

Classes Begin:





Whether you wish to take courses toward a college degree, for personal enrichment, for teaching credential certification, for exploring degree programs, or for meeting other educational goals, the University of New England welcomes you. We offer daytime, evening, and weekend courses during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. In addition, we offer a variety of online courses during the summer.

Please view the UNE Course Catalog for individual course availability, dates, and times.

Registration and Payment

To register for a course at UNE, we require that you complete the Continuing Education Form. For courses with prerequisites, an unofficial transcript with proof of prerequisite completion is also required. 

Payment for courses must be received in full prior to course start. You may also provide a purchase order from the authorized representative of a company that is paying for you to take a course, along with documentation of the company's policy to reimburse tuition costs for employees. 

Note: If you are not a current UNE student, you need to contact the Registrar's Office at (207) 602-2675 or for registration assistance.

Courses Tuition
Undergraduate courses - College Arts and Sciences $350 per credit
Undergraduate courses - Westbrook College of Health Professions $1,280 per credit
Graduate courses Varies by College
Undergraduate course $350 for undergraduate
Graduate course Varies by College
Auditing requires permission from instructor

Undergraduate Drop and Course Withdrawal Policy and Procedure

Should you decide to drop or withdraw from a course, you must notify the Office of the Registrar in writing. A verbal notice is not sufficient. Deadlines for dropping or withdrawing from courses are listed below. These dates are also available on the Academic Calendar. Please note that a refund from the course is computed separately from dropping and withdrawing. Please refer to the Tuition Refund information below. 

You may withdraw without academic penalty from a course with a grade of W at any time during the first two-thirds of the semester. The grade of W does not affect your grade point average, but will appear on your academic transcript. After the two-thirds mark, you may withdraw with academic penalty from a course with a grade of WP (withdrew passing) or WF (withdrew failing) which will be assigned by the faculty member. Both the WP and WF will appear on your academic transcript. A grade of WF will be computed in your grade point average.





Dropping a Course

Summer Session I May 22

Requires written notice

  Summer Session II July 6 Requires written notice
  Full Summer Session  May 22 Requires written notice
  Fall 2018 September 5 Requires written notice

Withdraw without Academic Penalty

Summer Session I June 13

Requires written notice

  Summer Session II July 26 Requires written notice
  Full Summer Session July 9

Requires written notice

  Fall 2018 October 29 Requires written notice

Graduate On Campus and Graduate Online Drop and Withdrawal Policies

Please refer to the dates outlined on the website.

Tuition Refunds

Refund eligibility is calculated based on the date UNE receives the written notification of your desire to drop or withdraw from a course. Refunds will not be made in the case of absence, suspension, or dismissal. Non-attendance does not constitute course withdrawal. The registration fee ($10) and lab fees are nonrefundable.

Undergraduates: Please see the Academic Catalog for current refund policies.

Graduate/Professional Students: Please see the Financial Information Page for current policies.


All cars parked on campus must display a UNE parking permit. Please view UNE's parking policies.

Course Cancelation and Changes

Courses with low enrollment are subject to cancelation. You should attend the first class unless otherwise notified by the Office of Continuing Education. If UNE cancels a course for which you are enrolled, you will receive a full refund, including all fees. 

UNE reserves the right to postpone, reschedule or cancel classes, change locations, substitute instructors, or make other changes as necessary.

Please view the University Cancelation/Delay Policy for possible cancelations or delays due to inclement weather.

Nondiscrimination Policy

The University of New England does not discriminate in admission to, access to, treatment of, or employment in its programs and activities on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, veteran status or disabling conditions in violation of federal or state civil rights laws of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Inquiries or concerns may be addressed to the director of human resources at (207) 602-2339.

Special Assistance

If you require special services to fully participate in a course or program, please indicate so on your registration form at the time of registration. As a students with a disability, you may wish to contact the Student Support Services Office at (207) 602-2815 for information on the services available to students requiring assistance.

Additional Information

  • Academic Calendar
  • Academic Catalog (Please be sure to view the correct catalog year for the courses in which you are interested.)
    For more information, please contact the Continuing Education Office.
Requires written notice