A decision to delay the opening time or to cancel school at the University due to inclement weather will be made by 5:45 a.m. for day classes based on conditions at each campus and the immediate surrounding area after consulting with the weather service.

The University's decision to cancel school or activities later in the day, evening, or weekends due to inclement weather will be made at least two hours prior to the class or event if weather conditions permit.

The University will alert employees and students of weather impacted opening and closing times. If an alert states that the University is closed, the closing pertains to both the Biddeford and Portland campuses unless otherwise specified. All classes, events, and activities scheduled during these closures will be canceled or postponed.

Final Exam Schedule impact
Student interns who have clinical responsibilities outside of the University or in University clinics should follow the protocol established by the clinical site.

Announcements will be made for each campus as follows:

UNE Websites


Cancellation Phone LIne
Call (207) 602-2211 or (207) 797-7688, x2211. Please do not call the switchboard or answering service.


​During work cancellations/delays, only essential personnel are required to report to work at their normal starting times or at times arranged by their supervisor including Facilities Management Staff, University Health Care Personnel, Food Service Personnel, and Security and Safety Personnel. Personnel who are not identified as essential should not come to campuses when they are officially closed. Each supervisor, in consultation with their senior staff, is responsible for determining who is essential, and this list of essential personnel should be listed with Facilities and Safety and Security in advance of a storm event.

The University switchboard or answering service will be in operation at all times.

Faculty and Professional Staff: Consistent with the University's mission, faculty and professional staff are expected to be available to meet student needs when the University is open. In extreme circumstances where faculty elect, for their own reasons, not to attend work on storm days when the University is open, they should follow college protocol for notifying students by placing an appropriate announcement on their voicemail at UNE, and/or for those that have Internet access on a home computer, sending a message to their class group on myUNE.

Faculty are reminded that some students leave their homes very early to attend classes, so messages should be timely. Similarly, professional staff should notify their immediate supervisor. Employees working on any shift other than the day shift will be notified of a delayed starting time or cancellation of their shift by the Department or Division director. Employees who elect, for whatever reason, not to attend work when the University opens late, or leave early when the University does not close, will have time charged against the appropriate leave category.

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