Career Timeline

The typical job search takes between six months and a year. In Portland Campus Career Services, we recommend that you take active steps toward achieving your career goals long before you are ready to begin employment. A successful job search involves making small goals that culminate in a major accomplishment. We are here to guide you through this process so that you can achieve your career objectives.

You'll find below a goal planning template based on the length of time you have before graduation.

Early Goals (Two Years Before Graduation)

Even if graduation and certification are two years away, there is plenty you can do. 

Live the College Life 

Take advantage of all on campus clubs and organizations your schedule permits you to pursue. While employers look for skills you have developed as a result of your professional program, they can be equally impressed by the talents and skills you develop from participating in non academic endeavors. The most important skill employers look for in new employees is the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Participation in UNE clubs and groups indicates that you are a strong communicator and have leadership capabilities. Consider fitting Service Learning into your schedule, as it is a great way to grow personally and professionally.

Create or Update your Resume or Curriculum Vitae 

You don't want to be caught off guard when asked for a resume or C.V., so have one prepared in advance. Visit us in Portland Campus Career Services for consultation on getting started. 

Assess Your Skills

Determine your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your peers and colleagues working in your field. If you foresee obstacles standing between you and your career goals, attempt to address them while in school. Consult with Learning Assistance Services, Student Counseling CenterStudent Access Center or faculty as needed.

Create Your Network

Begin assembling all your professional, academic and personal contacts into a database for use later. Connect with us to learn more. Research relevant contact information using resources on the internet as well as other avenues.

Middle Time Frame Goals (A Year and a Half or Less Before Graduation) 

Continue updating your resume/C.V. and building your network of employer contacts. Connect with Portland Campus Career Services to review your progress and needs.

Research Employers 

Study the job market in your profession. Be a savvy job seeker and learn all you can about job prospects. What are current trends? What type of employer are your seeking? Where do you see yourself fitting in based on your skills and areas of interest? Study your career objectives the same way you would study for an exam.

If You Are Relocating

Begin researching possible areas. Compare costs of living, job prospects, climate and any other factors you feel will influence your decision.   

Final Goals (Less Than a Year Before Graduation)

Meet with Portland Campus Career Services to personalize your cover letter and other job application documents, refine your job search strategy, and begin your transitional preparation.

Ramp up your networking efforts. Update and grow your contact database on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

Perfect your resume or C.V. for distribution. Determine what other documents you should prepare in advance of an interview, such as a portfolio or proposal.

Create a list of references that blends your academic and professional background. Get permission to distribute references' contact information.

Begin Interview Preparation

Practice your interviewing skills with Career Services so that you present your abilities at your professional best. Develop your "personal brand" that makes employers see how you can contribute to their needs. Hone your delivery and body language communication skills. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Apply for Positions 

Begin applying for positions and/or contact appealing potential employers regarding your upcoming availability. Plan one to three months before graduation. Work closely with us during all phases of your job search.

Use our website for information, and be sure to visit us in Proctor Hall 02 for additional help and resources!