Academic Advising

Academic Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center is located on the second floor of the Danielle N. Ripich Commons. We are staffed by professional academic advisors and serve a large portion of the undergraduate student population. Our advisees include first year students in the departments of BiologyMarine SciencesBusiness (Business Administration and Sport and Recreation Management), and Psychology. We advise first and second year Pre-Pharmacy and Undeclared students. Transfer students to the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) and CAS students on academic probation are also under our advisement. If you are not part of a population listed, you will be assigned a faculty advisor from your major. We also have an advisor that works with all students interested in applying to graduate schools in the health professions.

The Academic Advising Center seeks to assist you as you explore, develop and implement realistic educational and career goals. We partner with faculty and staff throughout the university to support the success of all students, with increased support for at-risk and transitioning students. Through personalized, appreciative advising, the Advising Center is there as you persue thoughtful exploration of your academic and career options. 

Advisor Responsibilities

academic advisors

  • Assist you with registration for proper courses per requirements for graduation
  • Monitor your progress on a semester-to-semester basis
  • Assist you with progress toward graduation
  • Help students identify and correct  academic problems
  • Guide you to campus resources for problems that are beyond the realm of academic advising intervention
  • Maintain regular, accessible office hours for advisement

Student Responsibilites

  • Assume full responsibility for progressing through the curriculum of study as required by the college and departmental policies and procedures
  • Learn and abide by UNE’s academic policies and procedures as described in the college catalog and student handbook
  • Recognize the academic advising process is a collaborative process between his/her advisor and him/herself
  • Initiate appointments with advisor at appropriate times (registration, course withdrawal, etc.)
  • Come prepared and on time to advising meetings with proper forms and materials

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