Our Minor in English is a great complement to a major in a science, social science, or professional field. With just two required courses, it is our least restrictive program and invites students who enjoy reading, discussion, and writing to deepen their understanding of literature and writing without delaying progress toward degree completion.

A student with a major in another program may minor in English with the permission of the academic director. Eighteen hours of approved course work is required for the Minor in English, including ENG 206 Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism and ENG 334 Methods in Literary and Cultural Criticism.

Note: Students are encouraged take advantage of all courses that it administers and recognizes ENG 110 English Composition and SPC 100 Effective Public Speaking as electives toward fulfilling the credit requirement for the minor.

Required Courses Credits
ENG 206 - Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism 3
ENG 334 - Methods in Literary and Cultural Criticism 3
Course(s) approved by the academic director 12
Total 18

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