About the Minor in English

Our Minor in English is a great complement to a major in a science, social science, or professional field. With just two required courses, it is our least restrictive program and invites students who enjoy reading, discussion, and writing to deepen their understanding of literature and writing without delaying progress toward degree completion.


A student with a major in another program may minor in English with permission of the Academic Director. The minor requires eighteen (18) hours of approved coursework, as described below.

Required CoursesCredits
Three (3) credits of British Literature electives*3
Three (3) credits of Diversity and Global Literature electives*3
Three (3) credits of U.S. Literature electives*3
Nine (9) credits of English Minor Electives9
Minimum Total Required Credits18

*See Curricular Requirements section for elective options.

English Minor ElectivesCredits
Any ENG course3–4
ASL 101 – Intro to American Sign Lang3
CMM 122 – Oral Communication or SPC 100 – Effective Public Speaking3
FRE 101 – Basic French3
HIS 341 – Bestsellers & the Big Bad City3
LIL 120 – Intro to Arts & Humanities Sem3
LIL 420 – Arts & Humanities Capstone3
LIT 124 – Lit, Nature, & the Environment3
SPA 101 – Basic Spanish3
SPA 211 – Intermediate Spanish3
SPA 306 – Span. for Health Professions3

English minors must earn an overall minimum 2.0 GPA in the minor.