Minor in Writing


For more information contact Michael J. Cripps, Ph.D., at (207) 602-2908 or mcripps@une.edu.


Our interdisciplinary minor in Writing complements your existing major and signals your recognition that written (and oral) communication skills are essential to success in any career. Whether your major is in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, or a professional field, the writing minor enhances your career readiness and helps ensure you will succeed. 

Communication abilities consistently rank among the top ten skills employers seek from college graduates. For example, the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ 2014 employer survey found that written and oral communication ranked second and seventh, with leadership and teamwork tied for first. Our Writing minor, with its mix of foundational, professional, and discipline-specific writing components and emphasis on collaborative work, will enable you to build all four of these highly desirable skills. 

The interdisciplinary Writing minor is highly flexible, enabling you to complete most of the requirements while fulfilling Core and major requirements. By completing foundational, professional, and disciplinary writing courses, you gain both breadth and depth of experience writing in a range of contexts. We also encourage you to seek internship opportunities as part of the minor to gain hands-on experience using the new skills you are learning. We consider existing courses in a range of other UNE programs for inclusion in the Writing minor.

If you would like to add this valuable minor to your UNE transcript, please talk to a professor or your academic advisor about pursuing a minor in Writing.



The interdisciplinary minor in writing has a developmental writing sequence that remains flexible to maximize the options for students. The minor requires a minimum of 18 credits chosen from a list of foundational, professional, and discipline-specific writing courses. Students need to complete at least (one) Foundational course, (two) courses in Professional Writing contexts and (two) discipline-specific writing courses.

Foundations Course, Select One Credits
ENG 110 - English Composition 4
WRT 111 - Creative Writing 3
ENG 209 - Introduction to Linguistics 3
ENG 220 - History of the English Language 3
Professional Writing Contexts, Select Two Credits
WRT 233 - Professional & Technical Writing 3
CMM 211 - Introduction to Journalism 3
CMM 240 - Social Applications of Web 2.0 3
WRT 304 - Reading & Writing in Digital Environments 3
BUMG 314 - Grant Writing 3
ENV 321 - Env Communications/Expert Practice 3
ENV 316/316L - Land Conservation Lab 4
Discipline-Specific Writing Courses, Select Two Credits
BUMK 310 - Advertising 3
BUMG 400 - Management Seminar 3
ENG 334 - Methods in Literary/Cultural Criticism 3
ENG 491/492 - Internship(s) 3–9
ENV 333/333L - Nature Writers with Field Lab 4
ENV 334 - Contemporary Nature Writing 3
ENG 208 - Narrative Medicine and Writing 3
PSY 405 - Special Topics Seminar 3
PSY 425 - Advanced Methods in Animal Behavior 3
NEU 410 - Neurobiology of Mental Illnesses 3

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