Latin American Studies is an interdisciplinary program that combines subject matter from several academic disciplines to give students a broad background in the languages and the historical, political, social, cultural, economic, and geographic aspects of Latin America.

Our minor in Latin American Studies introduces you to the peoples, places, and histories of Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking America. In addition to studying with faculty who have conducted extensive research in Latin America, you are encouraged to gain your own experiences in places like Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, and Dominica.

Considering Latin America’s continued political importance to the United States, and the growing Latino population in the U.S., this is an eminently useful degree to pair with a major in a number of disciplines that will be increasingly eager to employ individuals with a sound knowledge of Latin America’s peoples and traditions in the years to come.

Curricular Requirements

Indigenous Weavers of Peru

The indigenous peoples of the Andes are some the world’s master weavers. This 2013 video showcases Roxana Cusicuna, a traditional weaver from the Chincheros cooperative near Cusco, Peru. Filmed by UNE student Erik Nelson, the video was part of a demonstration that these native weavers teach to UNE students, including the making of the yarns from llamas and alpacas, the cleansing and dying of the yarns by natural ingredients found in the Andes mountains, and the intricate patterns that take months to weave by these virtuoso weavers. UNE students have the opportunity to learn more about these weavers and Peru as part of Global Citizenship Peru. This class fulfills UNE’s Citizenship core requirement.