About the Minor in Communications

The Minor in Communications examines questions about society, business, and communication practices with critical attention to the newest media and computer-related technologies.

Students will explore communications theory and also learn how to communicate effectively using a full range of media channels including new media technology. Upon completion of the minor, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the history and evolution of communication and the role of societies and institutions in shaping communications.
  • Articulate and apply the theories and best practices for the use and presentation of images and digital information including audio and video.
  • Apply tools and technologies used in the communications professions.
Required Courses Credits
CMM 110 - Introduction to Communication 3
CMM 210 - Understanding Mass Media 3
Total Required 6

Elective Courses

Select two (2) of the following Communication Theory Courses Credits
CMM 220 - Organization/Communication or WRT 212 - Professional & Technical Communication 3
CMM 300 - Documentary Video 3
CMM 305 - Public Relations in the Digital Age 3
CMM 320 - Intercultural Communication or CMM 416 - Global Communication 3
CMM 411 - Communication Law and Regulation 3
Total Required 6
Select two (2) of the following Communication Practice Courses Credits
CMM 201 - Digital Media Software Tools 3
CMM 300 - Documentary Video 3
CMM 311 - Digital Video Production 3
CMM 410 - Writing for the Screen 3
Total Required 6
Total Credits 18