Academic Advising

First-Year Advising

As a first-year student in the Psychology Department, you are assigned to Erin Krummell as your academic advisor. These majors include: Psychology, Animal Behavior, and Neuroscience. Academic advising gives you the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of:

  • Major specific and core required courses
  • Course selection, registration, and academic plans
  • Minors or secondary majors
  • Building internships and study abroad into your academic plan
  • On campus resources available at UNE

You are encouraged to schedule appointments to meet with your advisor on a regular basis and not just in the weeks preceding the registration process.

Faculty Advisors

During your first year, a member of the Psychology Department faculty will serve as your secondary advisor. After the conclusion of your first year, a faculty advisor will take over as your primary advisor for the remainder of your undergraduate studies. Faculty advisors are a great resource of information on curriculum specific questions, research opportunities, and insight on graduate programs or career options in your field of interest.

Mandatory Pre-Registration Advising Meetings*

All first-year students in the Psychology department are required to attend mandatory Pre-Registration Advising appointment with Erin Krummell in the fall and spring. You will be given an alternate pin number to use at the time of registration and will receive an email with details on how to sign up for these meetings. Until you attend a First Year Mandatory Advising Meeting, you will not have permission to register for classes.

Mandatory Pre-Registration Advising Meetings must be completed during mid-October through mid-November of your fall semester and mid-March through mid-April of your spring semester. 

*A drop in appointment, faculty advisor meeting, or an appointment with a peer advisor will NOT complete this requirement. 

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