Established in 2012, the Center of Biomedical Research Excellence for the Study of Pain and Sensory Function (COBRE) supports a vibrant and collaborative neuroscience research program at UNE. The goal of the center is to increase the scientific understanding of the neurobiology of chronic pain, facilitating the discovery and development of novel therapies.

Through funding from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences*, the center continues to expand and diversify in exciting ways: recruiting neuroscience faculty to UNE, supporting the work of neuroscience investigators, and launching the research programs of junior faculty via our pilot project program.

The center also supports two state-of-the-art research facilities — the Behavioral Core and the Histology and Imaging Core — which provide expertise, training, and instrumentation to perform cutting-edge research.

If you would like to schedule time at one of our core facilities, or if you have any questions about engaging with the center, please contact Jennifer Malon, M.S., M.P.H., COBRE program coordinator at or (207) 602-2517

*NIGMS grant # 5P20GM103643, PI-Meng

Images from our Histology and Imaging Core

The images above represent work completed by Histology and Imaging Core professional staff. All samples were processed on core equipment, and images captured on core microscopes. The gallery contains a wide variety of tissue types, including nervous tissue, bone, kelp, and drosophila larvae.

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