Why can’t the Office of Communications just update my profile for me?

No one but you knows better when the information in your profile changes. The web team does not know if you got a promotion, or changed offices, or switched departments or campuses, or published a paper — you can update any of this information (and more) the instant it needs updating — the web team can’t. We ask each person to be in charge of their own profile for this reason.

Ok, if the web team can’t do it, can someone else edit my profile for me?

Yes. Occasionally departments select an administrative assistant (or someone else) to be in charge of all profiles (or for a subset of the department, such as adjuncts who are often based off-campus and it is more difficult to have them keep up with their content). However, keep in mind there can be only one admin of each profile, so if you choose to have someone else be in charge of yours, you will lose access.

How do I get access to edit my profile?

Go to une.edu/edit and log in using your Okta credentials. Click on the My Profile link. That will bring you to a page with this text: Thanks for logging into the new UNE website. You may notice that you can no longer manage your content on the site. To re-establish your account, please fill out this form.

Click on the link and fill out the form to request access to either an existing profile or to have one created.

Our team will complete the request, reaching out with any questions if necessary. Once your request is complete, you will get a confirmation email that will contain the video guide on how to edit and maintain your profile.

Another possibility is that someone else is the admin of your profile. Check with people in your department to see if this is the case. If so, the web team will need the ok from that person to switch the access (we do this because most of the time departments have a good reason — such as difficulty getting people to maintain their profiles — for giving access to one person).

If you click on My Profile and go to a page with this text: Click on the name of the profile you want to edit below, you already have access. Click on the name of the profile you want to edit and that will bring you to that profile, then click on Edit. 

How do I get my profile to show up on my Department’s people webpage?

Information filled out on the Teaching Status tab controls where your profile shows up on the website.

The website uses HTML code in numerous places to populate webpages across the UNE website — using that code, the Department tab in your profile controls where your profile shows up on the website. Using the HTML code, the Department you chose will put your profile on the corresponding webpage, the Contract Type will put it under the correct header on that page.

A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t picked the Department from the dropdown that matches the Subsite name (the text overlaying the banner image on the page you want your profile to show up on) then you won’t show up on that page. In the examples to the right, you can see that Office of Communications has been selected in the Department dropdown (top image), allowing the profile to show up on the Office of Communications People page (bottom image). Both images can be clicked on to enlarge.


How do I add my picture?

All images used on the UNE website must be approved by the Office of Communications Graphic Design Team. If you have a photo you would like to use for your profile, please submit it for approval using our Web Content Edit Request Form. If your image is approved, it will be uploaded into the Media Library and you will receive a confirmation email once this has been done. Then, you can go in to edit your profile and add the image on the Name and Bio tab, under Portrait, or we can do that for you.

If your image is not approved, we will contact you and let you know. If that happens, or if you do not already have a photo you would like to use, we recommend having a photo taken with our photographer, Holly Haywood. You can request that by filling out our Photography Request Form.

You can also view our employee profile photo guidelines (PDF) for more information.


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