Media Relations

The Office of Communications offers a team of experienced media relations professionals who will work to guide you through the media process and shine a spotlight on the ongoing successes at UNE. 

We are constantly engaged in a proactive effort to identify opportunities for UNE's staff and faculty experts to contribute to whatever news stories are in the headlines or are likely to be important to the public interest in the future. UNE is fortunate to have a wealth of expertise in areas that range from global affairs, environmental studies, marine sciences, to numerous areas in the health arena, and highlighting faculty expertise is a priority. 




No matter your department or program at UNE, our graphic design team is eager to work with you to design products that help your initiatives succeed.

Our expertise includes the design of magazines, posters, brochures, flyers, print advertisements, event programs, postcards, note cards, note pads, holiday cards, invitations, envelopes, banners, flags, magnets, pens, pins, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, tablecloths, avatars, bus wraps, billboards, wall murals, and more.

If you can envision it, we can design it.


Please submit your design requests through the Graphic Design Project Request Form. Turnaround time depends on our workload and the scope of the project. When submitting a request, you will be prompted to log into your UNE Google account using the username and password used to log into U-Online.



Marine miller

Graphic Designer
(207) 221-4286

Digital Strategy

The digital strategy team owns and manages UNE's primary website, ensuring its ease of use and utility across all devices while maintaining and publishing updates to more than 150 subsites. In addition to our ongoing development, design, and editing work, we offer content strategy services. To learn more, please contact Sarah Wissler.


WordPress Service

We are developing a new WordPress service, which will offer websites for faculty labs/research and blogs for faculty and professional staff. More information on this platform and its policies coming soon!
Expected launch date: Spring 2019


Sarah Wissler

Film Production

The Office of Communications produces short films that showcase the innovative work being done across UNE's different colleges. Made using the latest technologies and techniques, these films provide an important medium that builds and maintains UNE's brand identity. Our services include filming, editing, writing, narrating, and producing.


Please submit your video requests through the Video Project Request Form. When submitting a request, you will be prompted to log into your UNE Google account using the username and password used to log into U-Online.

Submit a request

For more information, please contact our Emmy Award–nominated producer/director Dan Lambert.


Dan Lambert

Film Producer/Director
(207) 221-5010


The Office of Communications creates and maintains a collection of thousands of photographs of the University of New England. These images are all housed in our Digital Asset Management system (DAM) and are used for our publications, brochures, websites, and social media platforms. UNE faculty and professional staff are permitted to log in, browse, and download these images. 


If you would like to request photography services, please email with your request. Make sure to provide the date and time of the shoot; the duration of time you need a photographer present; the location; and the date by which you need the finished photographs. 

Holly Haywood
University Photographer

(207) 221-4776

To submit images to the UNE Digital Asset Management system, please contact Holly Haywood.

Social Media

Working across a variety of social media channels, the Office of Communications helps to define and strengthen the University's image. We highlight the work being done in UNE's various academic programs, showcase UNE's partnerships with various community organizations, celebrate the accomplishments of UNE students and faculty, laud the rich life beyond the classroom UNE students enjoy, and share news of upcoming events and activities.

While much of the work the Office of Communications does to promote UNE's brand on social media occurs at the institutional level, we recognize that you may wish to communicate on a departmental or program-specific social media channel with your constituents. To facilitate this, we offer consulting services to help you get started, develop content, and build an audience. We also monitor UNE's various sub-channels to ensure site administrators are complying with UNE's Social Media Policy.



Louise Coburn

Social Media Strategist
(207) 221-4359

Live Events/Lectures

If you are involved with a UNE event or lecture that you would like to livestream and/or record, we are equipped to meet your needs. We can help assess the potential audience for your event, set up the necessary audio/visual equipment, and manage the technical details of recording and transmitting. Once your event has been live streamed, it will remain accessible to viewers on YouTube, iTunes U, and the UNE website.




Senior Network Administrator
(207) 221-4357

UNE Community Email

The daily UNE Community Notices email is sent to all faculty and professional staff members every day, Monday through Friday, with news about upcoming events, opportunities, and deadlines at UNE. This email is not distributed to students.

If you would like to submit an announcement for Community Notices, please visit and login using your U-Online user name and password. After you fill out the form, we will review your message to ensure it is appropriate for community-wide distribution. Submissions should be entered by 2 p.m. the day you would like the announcement to run.



University of New England publications follow the Associated Press, or AP, style of writing, with the exception of scholarship written for purely academic audiences. 

The UNE Style Guide contains a selection of words, terms and usage issues that commonly arise when writing about a university. It provides short explanations of proper AP style for each, as well as information about other stylistic practices UNE has adopted.