What to do in an Extreme Weather Emergency

An extreme weather emergency is any natural event in which the University may be put in jeopardy.

The Natural Disaster Plan is designed to assist the University in maintaining services when a situation exists that may prevent employees/students from entering or leaving the University for an extended period of time. Examples of natural disasters include a major blizzard, flood, or hurricane.

  • Unplug all unnecessary equipment and appliances, including sensitive electrical instruments and computers.
  • Store all equipment in safe areas away from windows;  keep curtains/blinds closed.
  • Assist where needed or as may become necessary as directed by department manager.
  • When conditions warrant, move students/staff away from windows.
  • Contact your supervisor before leaving your department.
  • In the event that weather or other emergency conditions warrant the all-day closing or delayed opening of the University, announcements will be made at 6:30 am on WCSH-TV Channel 6, WMTW-TV Channel 8, and WGME-TV Channel 13. An announcement will also be posted on myUNE under "Announcements."
  • The decision to cancel classes later in the day, evening or weekends will be made at least two hours prior to the class or event.

Calls should not be made to the Campus Security Department or the UNE switchboard. Television stations or the Internet will verify University closings. Calls can be made to (207) 602-2211 (BC) or (207) 797-7688 (PC), extension 2211 to hear a recorded message informing you of any delay or closure.