Safety Programs and Processes

In addition to the general services offered by the Office of Safety and Security listed below, the University has several programs and processes in place to improve the safety of our community:

  • Security and residential hall staff are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year on the Biddeford and Portland Campuses.
  • Residence hall exterior doors are locked 24 hours a day and accessible only by UNE ID cards. Lost or stolen card's should be reported immediately so access can be turned off.
  • On-duty Resident Advisors and Campus Center Staff have radios that link them directly to Security Office in the event of an emergency.
  • Blue lights identify yellow security call boxes (telephones) at residence hall entrances, parking lot entrances, and strategic locations on campus walkways.
  • Annual Clery Notification is communicated to faculty, staff and students. View the Clery Report (PDF)
  • All new students attend Orientation presentations and participate in small group discussions that cover issues concerning alcohol use and security on campus.
  • We hold regular Monday Morning Incident Meetings. On the Biddeford Campus, these involve Housing and Residential/Commuter Life staff, our Judicial Coordinator, Security Director, Counseling Director, and Associate Dean of Community Life. At these weekly meetings, these University officials review protocols and share information on students and incidents to ensure appropriate response. On the Portland Campus, Student Affairs staff meet at least bi-weekly or as needed for the same purpose.
  • We conduct on-going evaluation of lighting at exterior campus areas and make improvements as needed.
  • All students are notified of the University Student Handbook located online.
  • Incident reports are circulated and shared between Security, Housing and Residential/Commuter Life and Student Conduct.
  • There is a central electronic judicial database to help track student behavior and compile related written communications.
  • Security regularly patrols the grounds and campus buildings, including the residence halls.
  • Extra Security staff is assigned to cover shifts at critical times, over weekends, and during special events.
  • UNE Security has excellent relationships with the Biddeford and Portland Police departments.
  • Student Affairs staff and many student organizations sponsor alcohol-free events and programs that support non-drinking students and provide safer activities.
  • UNE's track record, as noted in the annual Clery Crime Report, is exceptional, with few criminal incidents noted, except for alcohol violations, indicating adherence to the law.

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency medical service is provided by the UNE Emergency Medical Services Club (UNE EMS), which is a campus-based student organization.

The organization is licensed by the State of Maine to provide emergency response to campus situations. When necessary, local emergency personnel will also be called to respond.

For more information, visit the UNE EMS Facebook page.

Students Participate in UNE's EMS Club


Phone numbers for both campuses

Emergency Phone Number: 366
Non-emergency Phone Number: 2298
From off campus: (207) 283-0176

For more information

Office of Safety and Security
11 Hills Beach Road
Biddeford, ME 04005-9599
(207) 602-2298