What to do in a Hazardous Spill emergency

Hazardous spills include chemical, biological and radiological materials.

  • Notify others working in the area of the spill and evacuate the area immediately.
  • Close the doors leading to the spill area and restrict access to the spill area.
  • Assist contaminated persons to a safety shower or eyewash station.  Avoid contaminating yourself.
  • Dial 911 and then ext. 366 for the Department of Safety and Security to report the spill and location.  Report any medical emergencies; also report if the spill has entered the air, ground, surface water, or sanitary or storm sewers.
  • Immediately notify your supervisor.
  • Only members of a hazardous materials response team are authorized to clean up hazardous material spills.
  • After the cleanup is complete, an incident report of how the spill occurred should be written to Risk Management.

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