Suspicious Package

What to do in a Suspicious Package Emergency

If you receive or discover a suspicious package, notify the Department of Safety and Security at ext. 366.

Be cautious of

  • Foreign mail, airmail, and special deliveries that you are not expecting
  • Restrictive markings such as “confidential” or “personal”
  • Excessive postage
  • Handwritten or poorly typed address
  • Incorrect titles
  • Oily stains or discolorations on package
  • Excessive weight
  • Protruding wires or tinfoil
  • Excessive tape or string
  • Visual distraction
  • No return address

If you are suspicious of a mailing and are unable to verify the contents with the sender

  • Do not touch or move the article
  • Do not open
  • Isolate the mailing
  • Dial ext. 366 for assistance

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