• If you observe a suspicious object or potential bomb, do not handle or go near the object.
  • Clear the immediate area and call 911, and then Campus Safety and Security at ext. 366
  • Do not evacuate the building until it has been deemed necessary by the police.
  • Do not activate the fire alarm.
  • Bomb threats may be received in offices via telephone, email, facsimile, mail or as a message.  Always call 911.
  • If a threat is received by mail, once the suspicous object is discovered, it should not be handled. This preserves fingerprints and protects individuals from potential harm.
  • If an email threat is received, do not erase or delete it.
  • Persons receiving a telephone bomb threat should try to gather as much information as possible about the caller, the alleged bomb and its location.
  • Keep the caller on the telephone as long as possible and record as much information about the caller as you can.
  • Refer to the attached Bomb Threat Call Information form.
  • If an evacuation is deemed necessary, employee should report to the designated evacuation meeting area where they will receive further instructions.

Bomb Threat Call Information

If a telephone bomb threat is received, remain calm and note the information provided by the caller.

If possible, ask the following questions:

  • When is the bomb to explode?
  • Where is the bomb located?
  • What kind of bomb is it?
  • What does it look like?
  • Why was the bomb placed?
  • What will cause the bomb to explode?
  • What is your name and address?

Caller's Voice

Calm Laughing Lisp Disgust
Angry Crying Raspy Accent
Excited Normal Deep Familiar
Slow Distinct Ragged Rapid
Slurred Clearing throat Soft Nasal
Deep breathing Loud Stutter Cracking Voice

If voice was familiar, who did it sound like?

Background Sounds

Street Noises House Noises Factory Machinery Local
Long Distance Motor Animal Noises Crockery
Voices Office Clear Booth
Other (please list)      

Threat Language

Well Spoken (well educated) Foul Incoherent Irrational Taped


Time: ___________________ Date:___________________

Person receiving threat: _________________________ 

Position/title: ____________________________________

Phone number: __________________________________

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