Donna Cheney
I’ve always thought it’s important to support the school that gave you a start.
joe valenza
When I think about philanthropy, I think about phenomenal UNE student’s that can benefit from our support, and that is what the St. Francis College Class of 1968 Memorial Scholarship will do.
Wesley Kenyon
The main impetus for my involvement was to carry on the legacy of St. Francis College, to epitomize the core values of St. Francis College, and to connect the legacy of past students to the students of today.
George Edward Newton Jr.
When I heard about the scholarship, I thought it was a great idea. The idea of helping out a current student seemed like a fitting way to live up to the values of St. Francis College, and a wonderful way to carry on the St. Francis College legacy.
Donna Lee Rowe Fowlie
As I enter my senior years, I want to leave a piece of my legacy someplace where I know that there's a future that can benefit somebody else and help them grow and mature into their full potential.
alfond forum
I am extremely proud to have contributed to and be part of the work the Class of ‘71 has done in setting up the James A. Beaudry Endowed Scholarship Fund.
She was proud to be able to view these as her legacy as well as supporting WC/UNE as a donor and with a gift in her will.
Looking at photos of Westbrook College now, I can't help but notice the changes. However, UNE’s Portland campus still has a lot of elements of Westbrook College, its tradition and its history which is important to other Westbrook College alumni.
Wayne Reynolds
With the cost of post-graduate education becoming so astronomically high, being able to provide a sustainable scholarship was very appealing to me as a way to give back to the institution that has allowed me to do so well.

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