The University of New England's School of Nursing and Population Health academic advisors are:

  • Nurses who are passionate about the profession and lead by example.
  • Leaders from various health care positions.
  • Nurses who preserve the art and science of nursing by maintaining caring professional relationships with students.
  • On hand to discuss one-on-one student academic or personal challenges or concerns, and program goals.
  • Available to provide student guidance in meeting admission, course progression, and degree completion criteria.
  • Accessible for regular advising sessions with currently enrolled students to discuss registration for the impending semester.
  • Committed to assisting students with the highest quality resources available.
  • Faculty that collaborate with the registrars department to meet student needs.

All nursing advisors adopt a nursing student in the very beginning of their journey through the program to ensure that they progress through the nursing program in the most efficient and successful way. 

It is highly recommended that nursing students meet with their advisor at least once a semester.