CAS Core Requirements Credits
Total 42-46
Program Required Courses Credits
LIL 420- Senior Thesis/Project 3
LIL 495- Internship (Optional) Courses will count toward the 11 total humanities courses that students are required to take. 3-9
Humanities Discipline Courses (11 courses) (see list below) five courses must be taken at the 300-level or above 33
Total 36
Open Electives (as needed to reach 120 credits) Variable
Minimum Required Total Credits 120

Humanities Discipline Eligible Courses

History Courses (All Classes with a HIS prefix are eligible) Credits
ENV 335: Environmental History of New England 3
PSC: 110 The Politics of Culture: Inventing Traditions 3
MUS 216: History of American Popular Music 3
MUS 220: History of Jazz 3
ARH 210: Art History Survey I 3
ARH 211: Art History Survey II 3
ARH 260: Renaissance & Baroque Art 3
ARH 270: Art in the Modern World 3
ARH 276: Art History Human Traditions I 3
ARH 278: Art History Human Traditions II 3
ARH 322 G: History of Spanish Art 3
English Courses (All Classes with an ENG prefix are eligible) Credits
LIT 121: Literature, Nature, and the Environment 3
LIT 122: Literature, Nature, and the Environment 3
LIT 124: Literature, Nature, and the Environment 3
ENV 334: Contemporary Nature Writing 3
ENV 338: Environmental Topics in Popular Lyrics 3
ENV 333: The Nature Writers w/ Field Lab 3
PSC 300: Egypt Through the Eye of Mahfouz 3
PSC 304: The Middle East and Africa through Films 3
MUS 101: Introduction to Music 3
MUS 218: Music in Film and Animation 3
Philosophy Courses (All Classes with a PHI prefix are eligible) Credits
ENV 344: Environmental Ethics 3
PSC 260: The Politics of Evil 3
PSC 200: Introduction to Political Theory 3
REL 204: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism in the Spanish Context 3
REL 276: Religion in Human Traditions I 3
REL 278: Religion in Human Traditions II 3


  • Students may count three language classes (Spanish, Arabic, French, etc.) toward their Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities major.

There may be additional classes in the CAS catalog that are applicable (and new courses are added each year). Students should consult with the Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities program director to petition for inclusion of additional classes. 

Students in this major can participate in the pre-health graduate school preparation tracks.

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