CAS Core Requirements

Program Required Courses  
ENG 115 - Pilgrims, Poets, and Other Yahoos: British Literature I 3
ENG 116 - Democratizing Literature: British Literature II 3
ENG 200 - Writing, Revolution, and Resistance in US Literature: American Literature I 3
ENG 201 - Who and What is an American? Reimagining US Literature 3
ENG 206 - Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism 3

ENG 334 - Methods in Literary and Cultural Criticism

Global Literacy elective 3
Interdisciplinary Literacy elective 3
Major Concentration Courses/English Electives 12
Program Minimum Required Total Credits 36
Elective Courses (as needed to reach 120 credits) variable
Minimum Total Required Credits  120

Note: English majors are required to maintain an ePortfolio that archives their course and other relevant writing which they will deliver in an oral presentation to the faculty during their senior year.

Students wishing to pursue teacher certification in English should complete the major in Secondary Education with a concentration in English. Students pursuing this path are strongly encouraged to complete the highly flexible double major with English and Secondary Education. For more information, speak with the chair of English and see the Secondary Education catalog page.

Students majoring in English can participate in the pre-health graduate school preparation tracks

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