School of Marine and Environmental Programs Testimonials

Headshot of U N E student Jojo Pikowski

UNE not only made it easy for me to connect with our [math and physical sciences] faculty to add my second major in Data Science, but tie in my current area of study [in the marine sciences]. In the Marine Science world, we can leverage [data science] to help us detect trends, observe changes, and be better prepared to manage and protect our ocean environment.

Marine Science, Data Science
Photo of U N E student Katie Bergin

I chose UNE because of its strong aquaculture major. I wanted to learn from the best, and I was able to do that with my UNE education.

photo of Isaac Randall with black background

If you're going for anything that's marine based, [UNE] is a really great location.


Marine Affairs
Headshot of U N E student Viriginia May

I absolutely love the faculty for the environmental science programs. They’re such a great group of teachers, professionals, and human beings.

Environmental Science
Headshot of U N E student Ari Telzerow

[While I was] researching schools with strong marine and environmental programs, UNE came up at the top of the list because of its diverse marine curriculum with so many fields to focus on.

Marine Affairs
Headshot of U N E student Ashlee Griffith

My internship helped me apply the knowledge my UNE classes have given me outside of the classroom. I was able to compare my first-hand experience to things I learned in class at UNE.

Animal Behavior, Marine Sciences (Marine Biology Track)
Portrait of Abbie Anderson

What’s nice about my environmental classes is that they are so applied. I get a broad understanding of environmental problems but also how to apply them in a business sense.

Sustainability and Business
Headshot of U N E Marine Sciences student Elena Shipley

At other schools, it may be difficult to get into research and fieldwork experience during undergrad, but I was able to find myself in a lab my first semester.

Animal Behavior, Marine Sciences (Marine Biology Track)
Headshot of U N E student Will Szumita

I think the best part about UNE’s marine science program is that you get so much out of your education, and a lot of it is far beyond just reading from a textbook.

Animal Behavior, Marine Sciences (Marine Biology Track)
Olivia Scott stands smiling at the camera holding her handmade ceramics

[The research I participated in] made me feel like I can make change — like I am part of a much bigger purpose.

Biological Sciences, Environmental Science
Marlie Perkins

Everyone made me feel involved in the program on a personal level rather than strictly an academic one. Every faculty member cares so much...It fosters a great community.

Animal Behavior, Environmental Science
McKayla Arsenault

It’s easy to get access to what you want to do at UNE, if you have an idea, the professors and staff want to work with you.

Environmental Science
Seth Semmelrock

The ultimate goal of the class was to travel to Kenya to put our classroom learning to use in a hands-on setting. We did just that.

Business Administration, Environmental Studies, Political Science
Headshot of Kyle Beem

The environmental department is my favorite part of UNE. Everyone I've met has been great to me. It’s cool finding that niche where you are friends with people who you can also work together with.

Environmental Science, Environmental Studies
John Reinbott '18

My semester in Tangier, Morocco gave me a love of travel and a travel course — snorkeling among coral reefs in Belize — gave me a career path.

Marine Science