Faculty at the School of Pharmacy participate in varied research and scholarship efforts, including laboratory-based studies, clinical and translational research, and the scholarship of teaching. Students enrolled in the program are afforded numerous opportunities to engage in research and scholarship. Many of these scholarly activities allow students to attain academic credit through the completion of elective Independent Study or Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience coursework. Faculty and students in the School of Pharmacy have worked together to produce cutting-edge research in a variety of disciplines, and these efforts have led to numerous presentations and publications. 

See faculty research interests and student research opportunities in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy Practice.



School of Pharmacy students fill part-time jobs to administer COVID-19 vaccines

UNE COM student Emily Cathey administers a Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at Maine Medical Center in Portland

UNE’s yearlong efforts to ease pandemic’s burden

Park Danforth 1

School of Pharmacy students administer COVID-19 vaccines to older adults

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