Evidence-Based Treatment Training

The Wellness and Integrative Medicine Track seeks to give pharmacy graduates advanced training and knowledge in evidence based treatments that incorporate the whole patient’s wellbeing into the plan of treatment.

Students in the Wellness and Integrative Medicine Track will learn:

  • Emotional and cognitive influences on health such as stress, resilience, and positive thinking
  • Physical influences on emotional and cognitive health such as sleep, physical activity, and nutrition
  • Behavioral lifestyle modifications that may be used as part of prevention and treatment of disease, and an appreciation of how these modifications contribute to overall health 
  • Complementary and alternative therapies, including dietary supplements and nutraceuticals for treatment of diseases
  • Evaluation of available medical literature for clinical decision making in the utilization of complementary and alternative therapies with close attention to risk vs benefit
  • Fundamentals of nutrition, including macro and micro nutrient needs, as well as dietary management of common diseases
  • How to educate patients on incorporating these concepts into their own self-care for a sustainable model of health and wellness

This track provides pharmacy graduates with skills and knowledge in an emerging field of pharmacy within community and ambulatory care practice sites. Graduates will be uniquely prepared to coach patients on lifestyle modifications and proper utilization of nutraceutical products available within the community pharmacy setting. They will also learn how to establish strong patient relationships that will promote pharmacy services within the community and beyond.

Students within this track will take three elective courses within this topic and complete an Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience in their fourth year that concentrates on Wellness and Integrative Medicine.