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Intercampus Connector


  • Shuttle service will be suspended for spring break. Service will end with the last run on Friday, March 13. Service will resume on Monday, March 23.
  • Runs Monday–Friday while classes are in session.
  • Convenient Connection Locations:  
    • Connections made at Exit 47 (Larrabee Road, Portland) Park & Ride and Exit 36 (Industrial Park Road, Saco) Park & Ride
    • Stops at the Campus Center circle on the Biddeford Campus (BC) and Bishop Street lot on Portland Campus (PC)


  • WiFi
  • Free parking at Park and Ride Locations and Bishop Street lot
  • Inclement weather shelters located at the Bishop Street lot and PC Security Office, accessed with UNE ID card
  • Free to all UNE employees and students

Inclement Weather Changes

In the event that the university is closed due to inclement weather, the Intercampus Connector will not operate.

If the University opens late due to inclement weather, the Intercampus Connector will begin operations with the first scheduled departure after the official opening of the university. Operations will proceed as scheduled for the remainder of the day

If the University closes early due to inclement weather, the Intercampus Connector will cease operations after one full round-trip after the official closing time of the university. There will be no delay between arrivals and departures for the final return trips. Riders should board the very next departure of the bus immediately following the announcement to return to their origination point. A community announcement will be made regarding departure times.


Fall 2019 and Spring 2020

Depart PC

7:00 AM

Arrive exit 47 Park and Ride 

7:13 AM

Arrive BC 7:50 AM

Depart BC

7:55 AM

Arrive exit 36 Park and Ride

8:13 AM

Arrive PC

8:45 AM

Depart PC

9:45 AM

Arrive exit 47 Park and Ride

9:58 AM

Arrive BC

10:35 AM

Depart BC

12:30 PM

Arrive exit 36 Park and Ride 

12:48 PM

Arrive exit 47 Park and Ride

1:09 PM
Arrive PC 1:25 PM

Depart PC

2:30 PM

Arrive exit 47 Park and Ride

2:43 PM

Arrive exit 36 Park and Ride

3:04 PM

Arrive BC 3:25 PM

Depart BC

3:45 PM

Arrive exit 47 Park and Ride

4:15 PM

Arrive PC

4:35 PM

Depart PC

4:40 PM

Arrive exit 36 Park and Ride 

5:00 PM

Arrive BC 5:30 PM

Depart BC

5:35 PM

Arrive exit 47 Park and Ride

6:05 PM

Arrive PC

6:25 PM


Register for the GoMaine program through Maine Turnpike Authority to:

  • Find carpool/rideshare matches
  • Track your carbon footprint reductions
  • Earn online and local vendor discount rewards

You can even enter your trips on the Intercampus Connector.