About a Career in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a dynamic and rewarding profession that enables you to make a difference in people’s lives. You provide services to those with impairments, functional limitations, disabilities, or changes in physical function due to injury, disease, or other causes. Drawing upon your theoretical and clinical knowledge, you help them preserve, develop and restore optimal physical function.

As a graduate of our program, you are highly regarded in the physical therapy marketplace. Our graduates enjoy a record of virtually 100 percent employment within the first six months after receiving their degree and passing the National Physical Therapy Exam.

For more information, see the following resources from the American Physical Therapy Association:

Watch: You Can Be Me - A Career in Physical Therapy (APTA)

Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities are available for graduates of the UNE Physical Therapy Program who wish to live and work in Maine. Recently named the best state in the nation to raise children, Maine and the greater Portland region offer a magnificent quality of life. The Greater Portland Region has also been called "the economic center of Northern New England." Assistance with career planning and job placement is available from the Office of Career Advising.