Helping People Engage in Everyday Activities

Occupational therapy is a dynamic, growing profession through which you help people engage in everyday activities that bring them meaning and self-identity. As an occupational therapist, you design creative client-centered interventions and then work closely with clients to implement them. You must be adept at working with others and have a keen mind for problem-solving. You must have the underlying knowledge to diagnose the physical, psychological and social aspects of your clients’ deficits, and the patience to guide them through their transformation.

This is an extremely rewarding profession through which you improve the lives of your clients in clearly tangible ways. It is immensely satisfying to help a client assess and then overcome the challenges that were preventing him or her from fully participating in life’s daily tasks and leisure activities. You have the ability to impact your clients’ ability to succeed at home, at school, at work, and in the community.

Your work might help a:

  • Newborn learn to suck and swallow
  • Toddler learn to play with toys
  • Child keep up with friends on the playground
  • Teen develop positive regard for self
  • Veteran return to life at home
  • Athlete explore adapted sports
  • Individual recovering from a stroke relearn life skills

See AOTA for more information about this challenging, rewarding profession.

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