A note from the director

Welcome to English Composition at UNE. English 110, our freshman writing course, is a rigorous introduction to college-level writing that offers you important tools for writing in Core courses and your major.

Our instructors are among the best you will find anywhere. All are experienced writing teachers — many are accomplished academic, professional, or creative writers. I encourage you to ask your instructor about his or her own experiences as a writer. You will discover that even the best writers engage in some of the activities you will find in English Composition.

English 110 is not an introduction to literature or to the English major. While many of our instructors read literature and write fiction, you won’t spend the class reading and writing about literature because we have a broader responsibility to introduce you to reading and writing in the University community. You’ll have many opportunities to read literature in other courses as you complete Core requirements or if you consider a major or minor in English.

In English 110, you will find yourself challenged to rethink your ideas, re-examine your interpretations of a reading, connect texts in provocative ways, and advance written arguments that are more complex than you probably imagined would be required in a first-year writing course. We know that our colleagues in biology, history, and sociology (to name a few), have high expectations. And we want you to be able to meet — and to exceed — those expectations.

Michael J. Cripps, Ph.D.

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