We examine the fundamental issues facing society today–like globalization, war, inequality, poverty, and environmental change — and evaluate the processes, policies, and theories that have been devised to address them. We study the different forms of government, individual and institutional behavior in the public sphere, relationships among nation-states, and political theory. We also offer a minor in Health, Law, and Policy.

Degree Programs

Minors and tracks

Testimonial Place Holder
UNE connected me with people that changed my life, ideas that I'll always live by, and, most importantly for me, UNE connected me with the rest of the world.
English, Political Science

One-of-a-kind Location

As a student in one of our Department of Political Science, you study on UNE's scenic Biddeford Campus, where the waters of the Saco River flow into the Atlantic Ocean. Over the years, this confluence of natural resources has inspired students and faculty from around the world.

Recently named the youngest city in Maine, Biddeford and its twin city, Saco, boast an up-and-coming, hip downtown of delicious eateries, events, and more. With the development of the old Biddeford/Saco mills into restaurants, breweries, housing, fitness facilities such as yoga studios, salons, and retailers, there is something for everyone to explore in downtown. Looking to try a new type of food, grab a coffee, or shop for locally-made clothes? Biddeford/Saco has it all.

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