Appointing Specialist Physicians

The Department of Specialty Medicine at the College of Osteopathic Medicine is charged with recruiting, appointing, and maintaining a faculty of specialist physicians who teach and mentor students through all four years of the curriculum. Most members of this department are adjuncts and actively practice fulltime in their chosen area of specialty medicine. The department has virtually all types of specialists, including individuals who practice in the medical subspecialties of cardiology, nephrology, gastroenterology, and hematology/oncology as well as surgeons, surgical subspecialists, pathologists, radiologists, emergency medicine specialists, and individuals practicing obstetrics and gynecology. These highly trained specialists teach on campus in the classroom as well as at UNE COM's clinical affiliate sites. Individuals in a variety of areas act as clinical consultants in the second-year curriculum as well as discipline chiefs in surgery, OB/GYN, and pathology.