Programs and Centers

COM’s propensity toward tradition and wellness is embodied in its various programs and centers. Our commitment to the community and profession continues to produce both a brighter and healthier tomorrow.

Body Donor Program

The existence of the Body Donor Program makes the education of our medical students possible. Without whole body donations, students wouldn’t procure the clinical knowledge and expertise necessary to become practicing physicians. Every fall, a memorial service is held to honor the donors in which family and friends are invited to speak. Learn more about the program and how to make an anatomical gift.

U-ExCEL Fitness Program

The unique U-ExCEL program is designed to optimize the health and fitness of aging adults through fun and innovative programs that focus on improving overall strength, balance, and range of motion. Programs vary from social (water aerobics) to private (personal training) and are designed for a range of abilities.


MatureCare is a visionary approach to elder care, extending healthcare to 17 long-term care facilities and hospice organizations in order to improve the health and life of aging adults in Maine.

Continuing Medical Education Courses

The COM Department of Continuing Medical Education (CME) orchestrates a number of events for practicing D.O.s and M.D.s to earn CME credits. Events include the Manual Medicine Series, Geriatric Conference, and the COM Alumni Weekend. Alumni, non-alumni, faculty and students are encouraged to attend.

Coastal Healthy Communities Coalition

Health and community unite with the Coastal Healthy Communities Coalition, which strives to promote wellness through various programs and initiatives, including the nutrition-focused, SNAP-ED, obesity, tobacco, and substance abuse prevention.  

New England Osteopathic Heritage Center

Historic image of a white ambulance with several men standing in front of it

COM is proud of its past and celebrates our heritage and contributions to osteopathic medicine through the New England Osteopathic Heritage Center. All are welcome to trace the profession through its various iterations. The center includes artifacts, digital collections, videos, and more.