Helping You Navigate Medical School

Our office is designed to meet the needs of our students during various points along their journeys to becoming osteopathic physicians and to continue that relationship as alumni. By adhering to our mission, we strive to assist both prospective and current students as they navigate medical school.

If you are a prospective student, we are eager to help you learn more about UNE COM through regional receptions, campus visits, and admission interviews. Once you are admitted, we work with you in the areas of leadership development, financial responsibility, student organization support, personal advocacy, event planning, and more. After you earn your degree, we make sure you remain connected to the COM community.


We are actively involved in connecting with prospective students and introducing them to our program, campus, and our incredible students. Explore the various ways to begin your next adventure


Our students are high-achieving and engaged not only in their courses but in the community as well through various clubs and organizations. Learn more about how to get involved


Reunite with your COM community through area receptions, CME Weekend, the Alumni Association, and more. Reach out to and connect with current COM students through our various programs and initiatives.

What we do

From providing support to organizing events and acting as a communication link and advocating for you — our office is actively involved in ensuring you are successful. Remember, when you are here, you’re home.

Act as a Vital Communication Link
  • Publish The COMmunicator, and weekly COMpass for students, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Communicate with prospective and current students, and our alumni
  • Steer social media initiatives via various platforms
  • Provide emergency contact for families needing to reach you
  • Act as a referral resource for offices and departments across campus
Advise and Support
  • Encourage student involvement in more than 40 student clubs and organizations, and facilitate new start-ups
  • Train leadership, financial, and service positions within the clubs and organizations
  • Guide the COM Student Government Association (SGA) and Equity Diversity Advancement Committee (EDAC)
  • Formulate and council the OsteoBlast! and Orientation Committee
  • Promote the Representative's Council (of Student Trustee and four distinct student governments)
Advocate for Medical Students
  • Work to create a safe and comfortable campus environment for you
  • Maintain regular communication with various offices with which you interact
  • Advocate for individual needs and issues as well as for the student population
  • Work with faculty and administrators to ensure their concerns and issues are addressed
  • Present and send information to the campus community about needs and issues
  • Serve on several University-wide committees
  • Participate in local/national events that support the diversity of our students
Event Coordination
Foster Community Connections
  • Facilitate student/alumni mentorship
  • Connect with prospective students and alumni at national conferences
  • Cultivate productive relationships with pre-med advisors
  • Connect alumni with COM student clubs and organizations
Other Responsibilities


Our office prides itself on being a resource and advocate for all our students. If you have any questions, please contact us at or call (207) 602-2329.

Meet our team