Continuing Medical Education

UNE COM’s commitment to the continuation of medical education extends beyond the graduation of its physicians. Both on campus and at affiliates throughout the Northeast and into the Mid-Atlantic, UNE COM partners with or sponsors residency programs that highlight our passion for osteopathic medicine and our dedication to training osteopathic physicians who serve the world.

As early as 1995, UNE COM has been at the forefront of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Education. The educational consortium that turned this drive into concrete residencies is the Northeast Osteopathic Medical Education Network (NEOMEN). UNE COM continues to support and promote residency growth through this consortium as well as provide needed osteopathic and graduate medical education resources to our affiliated residents. UNE COM is associated with more than 15 teaching hospitals across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic that offer more than 40 residency programs across a range of specialties. 

Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training Institution (OPTI)

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Annual CME Events

Alumni Weekend and Homecoming

UNE COM's Alumni Reunion Weekend is part of UNE's Homecoming Weekend. For questions regarding CME offerings during the weekend email or call (207) 602-2408.

Maine Geriatrics Conference

This annual conference offers speakers and group workshops to help you better understand the various challenges associated with caring for an aging population. Nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, physician assistants, occupational therapists, physical therapists, substance abuse counselors, social workers, mental health practitioners, LTC administrators, certified nursing assistants, health professions students, and others interested in the field of aging should attend.

Contact Marilyn Gugliucci at (207) 602-2453 or to be added to the email distribution list to receive more information.

Medical Acupuncture Training for Physicians

Acupuncture can be an alternative to opioids in some cases of pain management. AcuMed is the premier provider of education in Integrated Structural Acupuncture. This acupuncture system uses a point verification method, allowing the practitioner to verify the efficacy of their point selection, ensuring optimal diagnosis and treatment. Treatment points are verified to demonstrate their immediate effect on patient symptoms. In this way, both the practitioner and patient actively participate in the healing process. This system is effective for musculoskeletal, neurological, and internal medical conditions. The system also integrates modalities, such as manual therapies, nutrition and lifestyle coaching to formulate the most comprehensive treatment and best patient results.

The course is directed by Dr. Joseph Audette, a recognized world expert in the use of acupuncture point verification methods and acupuncture needling techniques for the treatment of acute and chronic pain. The course provides over 300 CME hours of training in medical acupuncture.

Learn more about AcuMed on their Facebook and Instagram.

OMM Series

If you are a practicing D.O. or M.D., this series offers a chance for you to review or learn core osteopathic manipulative medicine techniques. It takes place over five weekends, providing eight hours of introduction on Friday, followed by 12 hours of clinical application on Saturday and Sunday.

CME Online

Available to all those who have taken the "Manual Medicine: An Osteopathic Approach" live courses at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

All Four Courses of the OMM Demonstration Series:

  1. Introductory Course
  2. Hip and Lower Extremity Course
  3. The Pelvis Course
  4. OMM for the Pregnant Patient Course

All this material as supplement to your live courses:

  • A $950 Value and 22 Category 1B CME's
  • Above and beyond the live courses
  • All for the price of $350

Visit the OMM Education Series for UNE accredited courses.

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Graduate Medical Education

UNE COM is associated with more than 15 teaching hospitals across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic that offer residency programs across a range of specialties. The primary connection to these programs is through the North East Osteopathic Medical Education Network (NEOMEN).

Since 1997 and the establishment of these 15 institutions into a postdoctoral teaching institute, the commitment of these hospital programs to the students and residents of UNE COM has been paramount and lasting.

Affiliated Residencies

Northeast Osteopathic Medical Education Network (NEOMEN-OPTI)

The NEOMEN-OPTI offers an extensive network of osteopathic postdoctoral training opportunities.

Please visit each of our members to learn about the available training programs.

We have provided direct links to individual training sites containing descriptions of our osteopathic intern and residency programs and the names of key contact people with whom you may discuss your continued interest.

NEOMEN prides itself on its solid foundation of primary care training programs. Internal Medicine, Family Practice, OMM, and Emergency Medicine are our strengths. We excel in distance-learning technology and distinguish ourselves from other OPTIs by offering you the opportunity to become part of a leading-edge organization committed to conducting primary care research.