Orientation & OsteoBlast!


student pose for a photo in blue t-shirts during an orientation event for u n e's college of osteopathic medicineEach year, the Office of Recruitment, Student & Alumni Services — with the help of student orientation leaders, faculty, and staff — organizes a wealth of events during orientation week for the incoming class. Programming includes a range of enjoyable and educational events. Past activities have included a whitewater rafting trip, bowling and family BBQ, as well as an introduction to the faculty, library, classrooms, and the greater UNE campus.

Orientation for the class of 2022 took place June 28–29, 2018. Specific information related to the event can be accessed through the Orientation Portal. You will have access to the portal once you obtain your username and your Nor’easter ID. All members of the incoming class will receive specific details via email correspondence prior to the event. We look forward to guiding you through your induction to New England’s Osteopathic Medical School and the start of your formal medical education.


At our OsteoBlast! event, we welcome prospective students for the incoming class back to campus. The day is arranged to give invited guests an introduction to our curriculum, our student clubs and activities, and the larger local community, the goal being to offer a glimpse of what life is like as a COM student. We consider this day an important welcoming event initiating the orientation process to the COM family and the Osteopathic profession.

We understand that applicants to medical schools consider a variety of factors when selecting their top picks — some are looking for a different environment from that of their undergraduate institution, some are looking for leadership or research opportunities, and some are looking to see if people like them (geographic region, background, co-curricular experiences) attended the institution they are considering. All want to find and attend a place in which they not only survive, but thrive and excel as they pursue their dream of becoming a physician.

OsteoBlast! activities highlight the depth of co-curricular activities and leadership opportunities that define the COM experience. You will learn that our institution supports and graduates leaders who impact all facets of medicine. We understand that the decision of where you will go to medical school is not one taken lightly. We want you to have ample information to support your decision and ensure confidence that you've found the best fit for you. 

The agenda will include speaking with current students, meeting COM faculty members, reviewing Clubs & Organizations' missions and events, learning about campus and community resources and participating in hands-on workshops.

We look forward to welcoming you back to COM!

Specific information related to the event can be accessed through the OsteoBlast! Portal.

a male and female u n e college of osteopathic medicine students participate in orientation on u n e's portland campusQuestions? Contact Us:
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