Doctors for Maine's Future

The Doctors for Maine’s Future Scholarship Program aims to alleviate Maine’s shortage of physicians by providing scholarships to eligible medical students. These scholarships help mitigate the cost of a medical education, enabling students to pursue careers in primary care. Many scholarship recipients choose to practice in and serve the health care needs of Maine’s communities.

The program came to fruition in 2009 after Maine’s governor, in association with the Maine Legislature, reserved funds to serve medical programs in Maine. The terms stipulate that every $25,000 offered to students from the State of Maine must be matched by the school through private philanthropy in order to increase the number of scholarships available. In the majority of cases, students receive the scholarship for all four years of their studies totaling $100,000.

Since the program’s inception, generous support of UNE’s College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM) has allowed UNE to receive the maximum amount of matching funds from the State of Maine, providing 58 COM students with scholarships. Of the 30 Doctor’s for Maine’s Future Scholarship recipients who have graduated since the program originated, 57% are working in the primary care fields, and 40% are practicing in emergency medicine, OB-GYN and psychiatry.

This scholarship has made it so that I don’t have to worry so much about finances and instead can focus my attention on what truly matters, which is becoming a great physician.” 

The Doctors for Maine’s Future Scholarship Program makes a significant difference to UNE’s COM students who strive to provide care in communities where it is needed the most.

Thank you!


Scholarship recipient testimonials

"It allows us the freedom to invest our futures back into our state without great financial burden”

Jessica Vittorelli 2020 (Saco, ME)

“I am truly grateful of this scholarship and I look forward to ‘sticking to my roots' and practicing in Maine.”

Emily McPherson 2018 (Old Orchard Beach, ME)

“This scholarship allows me to focus on getting a thorough education so I can properly treat the people of Maine.”

Sonia Biswas 2020 (Brewer, ME)

“I know that Maine desperately needs doctors, and I am so grateful that I will have a reduced debt burden when I graduate that will allow me to come back to Maine to practice.”

Katherine Sanders 2019 (Saco, ME) 

“I have worked incredibly hard to get to where I am today and I plan on continuing to work hard and give back to the state that has been my home since the day I was born. With help from the Doctor's for Maine's Future Scholarship this is entirely possible.”

Emma Mason 2020 (Owls Head, ME)

“I can say with pride and gratitude that I have been entrusted by both the College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Maine Legislature with providing health care for the people of this state. Primary care providers are at the core of providing quality preventative care, maintenance of chronic diseases, and helping Maine residents achieve long term health.”

Ian Corbett 2019 (Biddeford, ME)

“Through receiving the Doctors for Maine’s Future Scholarship it is possible for me to continue pursing my dream of being a doctor while supporting my family. In the next year I will be taking the skills that I have learned with me to Bangor for my third-year clinical rotations. Afterward, I hope to continue to serve the health care needs of this state as I purse a residency in Southern Maine.”

Colbey Bowen 2019 (Gray, ME)



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