The University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine combines the best of the old (patient interaction and holistic, hands-on approach to healing) and the new (use of the latest technology).

After two years of classroom and experiential preparation, you spend your third and fourth years engaged in direct patient care under the supervision of experienced clinical faculty. Distinctive features of our clinical program include:

  • An Office of Clinical Education devoted exclusively to assisting you throughout your third and fourth years.
  • Clinical Campuses in a variety of geographic areas and clinical settings in the Northeast.
  • Faculty and administration dedicated to providing you with first-rate clinical training in preparation for residency.
  • Curriculum designed to fulfill a necessary step in the evolution of your competency as a physician.
  • Significant flexibility in choice of fourth-year elective rotations.
  • Continuing connection to campus, and to fellow students through:
    • State-of-the-art technology.
    • Semiannual COM Clinical Campus District Meetings.
  • Staff support and guidance throughout the internship and residency placement process from pre-application through match.

If you have specific questions about clinical training, please contact us at


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