Clubs and organizations

Culinary Medicine Club

Culinary Medicine Club promotes wellness and health through food.

On campus, members are involved in providing healthy snack options during stressful testing times, promoting healthy food choices, and providing meal-prep tips.

Outside of UNE, members have a strong history of volunteering in the community through cooking demonstrations, leading discussions on ingredient swaps that improve meal nutrition, and providing meal ideas that support heart health.

Dancin' Docs

Fitness is a key component to staying both physically and mentally healthy. Dancing can provide both of those elements. Dancin' Docs gives students an outlet to exercise while taking a break from their rigorous medical curriculum, through zumba, hip hop, bhangra, and irish step dancing.

Fitness Club

The Fitness Club provides daily group fitness classes like zumba, yoga, spin, and HIIT for COM students to promote health and community.


The UNEedlers (UNE Needlers) club

  • Builds a community of yarn crafters at COM
  • Teaches fellow students to crochet, knit, and do other crafts
  • Shares ideas, inspiration, and techniques
  • Explores using crafting for stress relief
  • Uses crafting skills to engage in and benefit the community