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Peter Morgane Student Research Fellowships


The University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine funds approximately 20 medical student research projects through the Peter Morgane Research Fellowship (formerly known as the Dean’s Research Fellowship) program. Research projects can have a basic science, community health, clinical, or osteopathic orientation. All current UNE COM students who are matriculated at the time of the award and in good academic standing are welcome to apply.

Funding includes up to $3,000 for an allowance stipend and up to $1,000 for supplies. The research can be conducted at UNE or at other locations nationally/globally. Supply funds are ONLY available to researchers at or affiliated with UNE (i.e., internal mentors).

Application Process

  • Every applicant must identify a primary mentor to assist in preparation of his or her application. The primary mentor can be a faculty member from any UNE college (internal mentor) or a professional from another institution with adequate research/training experience (external mentor). If a co-mentor (internal or external) is identified, the co-mentor will share the responsibilities listed below with the primary mentor and also needs to provide all documents listed below.
  • The mentor responsibilities include: sponsoring and supervising the proposed research project, including providing the necessary resources for the project; assisting the applicant with the application process (BUT NOT WRITING THE PROPOSAL FOR THE APPLICANT); ensuring that the funded applicant completes all required training as per the instructions and stays on track with the research project; and helping in preparation of required research presentations at the UNECOM Research Day. Time must be allotted for the award recipient to prepare the progress report and attend the workshops required for all Peter Morgane Fellowship recipients as per the instructions.
  • Each mentor needs to provide a letter indicating a willingness to supervise the applicant, the availability of space and resources needed to conduct the proposed research, and the training/experience the student will obtain during the fellowship. The letter should also indicate whether the applicant will be under direct supervision of the mentor or a designee.
  • Each mentor needs to fill out and sign the attached “Peter Morgane Research Fellowship Mentor’s Agreement” and provide a recent CV or NIH Biosketch with the application.
  • Note that all communications to each applicant regarding the status of their application or fellowship (during the award period) will be visibly cc’d to their mentor(s)


  • Applications are currently closed
  • Instructions and timeline for the next academic year will be published at a later date.
  • Early February: Application Due
  • March: UNE COM Research & Scholarship Committee meets to discuss applications
  • Early April: Applicants are notified of their acceptance/rejection
  • TBD: Funding for the first payment will be distributed

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Dr. Ling Cao.