Ad Hoc Room Reservation

Ad Hoc Room Reservation is for UNE faculty, professional staff, and students for events above and beyond standard course offerings and final exams during the summer, fall, and spring semesters.

The following partitioned rooms no longer allow booking as one room. In order to reserve both rooms for your event, you must submit them as separate instances within the same request.

  • Harold Alfond Forum 230 and 231
  • Harold Alfond Forum 283A and 283B
  • Pharmacy 024 and 028

Request a Room

Requests can be completed by filling out the Ad Astra Room Request form (preferred browsers are Firefox and Chrome).

Request a Room

Room Policy

Per each corresponding semester, we book through:

Semester Biddeford Campus Portland Campus
Summer (on or about) August 25 (on or about) August 15
Fall (on or about) January 10 (on or about) January 1
Spring (on or about) May 15 (on or about) May 15

Note: Dates are based on Academic Calendars and are subject to change.

Room Release Dates for each upcoming semester:

Semester Non Academic Space Academic Space
Summer no longer held, can be booked out 365 days (on or about) May 1
Fall no longer held, can be booked out 365 days (on or about) July 1
Spring no longer held, can be booked out 365 days (on or about) December 1

Note: Policy followed for Rooms that are Reserved by Registrar’s Office only. We reserve the right to relocate your event based on Academic Needs.

  • Please include 1 hour of set up and 1 hour of break down time per request, if it is needed, for a ‘basic’ set up. (Including IT technology set up, Facilities set up and/or Sodexo food deliveries)
  • If you move furniture, please return it to its original position. Do not unplug any equipment in any room. It is imperative that all electronic equipment is left plugged in by all users. The rooms must be suitable for another group’s use when you leave.
  • We book events for UNE personnel, staff, instructors, and students for UNE-related events. All requests must be completed with a UNE email address listed on the form. Non-UNE persons can contact Conference Services for assistance.
  • Please retain your ‘Event Summary’ emails in case you need to refer to them later. In the event of changes and/or cancelations, please reply to the ‘Event Summary’ email- for that particular event(s).
  • Please email any questions to

Note: Any/All dates, terms, and policies are subject to change.