CEN Research Testimonials

The Center for Excellence in the Neurosciences provides research opportunities for UNE students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. It also has a summer internship program that provides research opportunities for students from other institutions. Below read about some of our research students and alumni.

headshot of U N E Medical Biology and Latin American Studies student Samantha Dinsdale
My time [working in the Harrison Lab] helped me grow a passion for research and helped me become the scientist I am today.
Latin American Studies, Medical Biology, Medical Biology (Medical Sciences)
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Through the opportunity of working with the neuroscience outreach program, I have had the ability to see children engage in neuroanatomy and express their love for science.
Nursing (4 Year B.S.N. Program)
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Currently, we are examining how different stressful situations affect the presence of CRH (a neurotransmitter produced during stress). I also am working on a collaboration with Dr. Molliver to investigate whether Adenylyl cyclase isoform 2 plays a role in fear conditioning and habituation in mice.
Animal Behavior, Mental Health Rehabilitation
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[The opportunity to work in the Burman Collaborative] provided invaluable scientific, professional, and life experience before graduating with an undergraduate degree.
Neuroscience, Philosophy
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There are people at all different levels of education at any given time — undergraduates, master's students, Ph.D. students. Everyone works collaboratively in order to get every person’s project in the lab done. There is never just one project going on.
Applied Mathematics, Neuroscience, Biophysics
UNE neuroscience and art therapy alumni Jessica Olmeda
With Professor Meng, I studied the impacts of pain in the model of dry eye disease and how it can result in depressive and anxiety-like behaviors.
Art Therapy, Neuroscience
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Currently, I am utilizing whole-cell patch-clamp recording to elucidate the role of local interneurons in the Nucleus Accumbens in the transition from acute to chronic pain states.
Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Neuroscience
Headshot of U N E alumni Tyler Vunk
My English professors challenged me to back up my arguments, sharpening my research and writing skills, and gave me the space to safely experiment with both formal and colloquial forms of communication.
English, Neuroscience
UNE Alumni Amanda Braithwaite works in the Center for Excellence in Neuroscience
This stipend [I was awarded] has opened up a lot of opportunities for me. It has taught me how to manage my own research project and compile the data into a presentation that I will give at the annual Summer Undergraduate Symposium.
UNE alumni Ashley Abrantes
"I have been given numerous opportunities to...present my findings at local scientific meetings and symposiums. Gaining this knowledge has been an amazing experience for me and has helped shape my future plans."
UNE alumni Kira Gordon
Working on these projects has provided me with unique skill sets and an aptitude for scientific research that will certainly contribute to my academic and professional goals.
u n e alum brittany bolduc
It was our goal to help develop better diagnostic and treatment options for pediatric anxiety disorders.
Andrew Elkinson
The travel opportunities I have had at UNE have helped me discover my interest in public health.
Medical Biology
U N E alum Leonard Tan
Working in the research setting taught me how to think critically and how to apply all the theories and knowledge learned in class to the real world.
UNE Neuroscience alumni Jordan Faloon works in the Center for Excellence in Neuroscience
When the new Neuroscience major was developed, I was immediately interested. This program is the perfect fit for me.