The Saco Science Symposium

June 16, 2014

The Saco Science Symposium took place June 16 at the Decary Café Function Rooms 1 & 2 Function Rooms on UNE's Biddeford Campus.


Welcome & Introductions of Attendees - 9:00
Dr. Christine Feurt

Sustainability Science on the Saco Estuary - 9:15
Dr. Edward Bilsky, UNE Vice President for Research and Scholarship    

Tidal marshes of the Saco - Are they important to protect? - 9:25
What is the history of land use in shoreland zone adjacent to marshes?
Do Saco Estuary marshes have room to move as sea level rises?
Dr. Pamela Morgan, Department of Environmental Studies

Status and transport of the invasive Phragmites australis in the Saco Estuary - 9:55
Michele Slater, Department of Marine Science

Discussion of management and policy implications of wetland research - 10:05

The Saco River Estuary food web - 10:20
Dr. Carrie Byron, Department of Marine Science

Snails, worms and flies: Invertebrate life in the tidal flats and low marshes of the Saco River Estuary - 10:30
Dr. Anna L. Bass, Department of Marine Science
Assessment of the bird community using the Saco River's tidal marshes - 10:40
Dr. Noah Perlut, Department of Environmental Studies

Discussion of food web, invertebrate and bird research - 11:00

Fringing marshes of the Saco River Estuary support high nekton diversity - 11:20
Dr. Kristin Wilson, Research Director, Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve

Diadromous fish assemblage assessment in the Saco River Estuary - 11:40
Kayla Smith, Department of Marine Sciences

Discussion of fish research 12:00

Development and water quality in the Saco River Watershed - 1:20
Dr. Stephan Zeeman, Department of Marine Sciences

Discussion of water quality research - 1:40

Sustaining the Saco through science-based policy and stewardship - 2:00
Does the Saco Estuary system warrant special protection?
What are priorities for continued research?
Facilitated discussion
Dr. Christine Feurt, Department of Environmental Studies and Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve