Match Day

The University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine holds our Match Day celebration in March, along with dozens of other medical schools around the country.

Match Day is the date each year when fourth-year medical students who participate in the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education match learn where they will be completing their medical residencies, and in what specialty, following graduation. You are notified via email of your residency location and specialty, but if you attend a Match Day event, you find out your match earlier in the day. Other medical students may participate in the military match or the American Osteopathic Association match, both of which occur earlier in the year.

The purpose of Match Day is to give you the chance to celebrate this monumental occasion with your families, friends, COM faculty and staff, and of course peers who you will hopefully maintain lasting friendships with as you trek around the country for your residency program.

Details of this year's Match Day can be found on the COM Events Calendar. Specifics for the event will be communicated via email and a Save the Date will be distributed to the class. A live video stream will be available during the event for all those who are unable to attend.

The event is sponsored by the Office of Recruitment, Student & Alumni Services, and the COM Department of Clinical Education.

Students Reflect on Match Day | How did you feel as you opened that envelope? 

Kyle Cornell, D.O. '18
kyle cornell

Honestly, it’s difficult to put into words. Even though I knew [my partner, Gavin Kuns, D.O. '18 and I] had both matched somewhere (you find out the Monday of match week), not knowing where caused a lot of nervous energy. The anticipation for opening the envelope builds for about 10 months. We hadn’t been sleeping well and my heart would suddenly race even at rest. For us, exercise seemed to be the only help in those days. Opening the actual envelope was a blur. My fingers felt so clumsy! It was impossible to process the news right away. We were so relieved. It’s a strange feeling to not know where you will be working and living in three months. I’m glad we attended UNE COM’s match day event because even better than opening our own letters was the pride I felt watching my friends open theirs. It finally hit me how much we had grown and achieved.

Tom Gallant, D.O. '18
tom gallant

Wow, such a wave of relief! I think it is perfectly summed up by the video the school captured of [my partner, Ivy Co, D.O. '18] jumping up and down (ha ha). Honestly, you put in so many hours throughout medical school and you never really know if you're on the right path. I think there may have been at least a thousand times throughout our four years where we thought we made mistakes that would keep us from matching. Were our board scores good enough? Did we set up enough sub-internships? Did we do the sub-internships at the right place? Should I have sent everyone a thank you card or just the program director? The questions were endless. Opening that letter and seeing that we both got our top choice was extremely rewarding.

Ivy Co, D.O. '18
Ivy Co

Ultimately, Georgetown was both of [my partner, Tom Gallant's and I's] top choices for multiple reasons and though I can only speak for myself, I think we were both amazed and humbled when we opened the letter. I also just had an intense feeling of gratitude that somehow all of our hard work (endless hours in the hospital, traveling back and forth, preparing for interviews etc) all resulted in the perfect ending because unfortunately nothing is guaranteed. We first met in Washington D.C., working at the National Institutes of Health, prior to attending UNE COM so we are extremely excited to be able to return to the D.C. area to train. 

Stephanie Krom, D.O. '18
Stephanie Krom

I was mostly nervous, the part where we had to hold our envelopes but couldn’t open them was torture because I’m terrible with surprises. I didn’t want to end up in a huge city alone without [my partner, Gabe Vachon, D.O., '18] or my family. Then when I saw where we matched and that we were together it was a huge relief with a lot of excitement.

Gabriel Vachon, D.O. '18
Gabriel Vachon

I don’t really remember the act of opening my envelope because I was really nervous, but I was so thrilled when I saw where I was going and that I would be with [my partner, Stephanie Krom]. As a classmate put it, we would finally have “one kitchen.” The most memorable part for me during that day was in the minutes following the unveiling of everybody’s locations and just being around all the positive energy in the room.

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