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Aging and Geriatrics

The UNE COM Division of Geriatrics has three signature research projects (Learning by Living Nursing Home Immersion, 48 Hour Hospice Home Immersion, and Falls and Proprioception-Balancing Act) and a myriad of other funded research. Learning by Living Nursing Home Immersion is known internationally for “admitting” medical students into nursing homes to live the life of an elder resident for two weeks complete with diagnoses that warrant standard procedures of care such as toileting, bathing, eating pureed foods, and relying on staff for transfers. The 48 Hour Hospice Home Immersion research “immerses” students into the local 18-bed acute care hospice home for 48 hours sleeping in a bed where others have died before. Students are integrated into the interprofessional staff team. During this intensive research, students care for patients, provide family support, and upon a patient’s death conduct post mortem care. Both projects utilize ethnographic-biographic research designs. Balancing Act is evidenced informed for increasing balance and reducing falls. This NIH funded project focused on older adults with vision impairment. Other funded projects include Oral Health research for nursing home residents living in the six Maine Veterans Homes, the Thriving in Place (TIP) Project in the greater Sanford area to find ways for older adults to age optimally in their homes, osteoporosis research focused on cost-effectiveness of fracture prevention in rural women, and older adult veteran support research.

Marilyn Gugliucci

Marilyn R. Gugliucci



Director, Geriatrics Education and Research

Director, U-ExCEL Older Adult Fitness/Wellness Program

(207) 602-2453

Decary Hall
58 E

Dr. Marilyn R. Gugliucci is a Professor and the Director for Geriatrics Education and Research, as well as the Director of U-ExCEL (UNE~Exercise and Conditioning for Easier Living) Fitness/Wellness Program for older adults within the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine (UNE COM) Division of Geriatrics. Her "Learning by Living" research projects, UNE COM signature programs, advances medical and health professions students' learning through the application of ethnographic/autobiographic immersion research methods.  Learning by Living: Nursing Home Immersion involves "admitting" medical students into nursing homes to... Read More


Gerontology/Geriatrics: Health Related Quality of Life

Functional Fitness

Falls Prevention for Independent Older Adults and those with Visual Impairment (NIH Grant)

Learning by Living: Nursing Home Immersion Research

Learning by Living: 48 Hour Hospice Home Immersion Research

Geriatrics/Gerontology Curriculum Development and Competencies

End of Life/Palliative Care